Time is flying!

Team 157 is making good progress wrapping up the third week of build. With the February 21 deadline looming, the team has really buckled down and is getting a lot done at every meeting. Fundraising is well underway for our annual calendar sale/raffle, with the goal to meet or exceed $13,000– if we do, our Project Leader will wear a dress at the Boston competition! We’ve done it before and we’d love for it to happen again. Many local companies have been extremely generous with their donations for the calendar as well as financially, and we thank them for it! Our other non-mechanical teams have been busy as well, from making spirit braids for all team members to wear at competition to working on the design for our pit to finalizing the web site and much more while our safety team is making sure everyone is staying safe around the machines and in the arena.

Mechanically, the teams are making good progress as well! Parts that need to be made have been drafted and pretty much everyone is finished prototyping. The frame itself has been put together and the drive system is in the assembly stage.  As parts arrive and more pieces of the puzzle (and robot) come together the kids are getting more excited about seeing their work come to fruition while the mentors are enjoying watching the students realize what they’re capable of. Our mechanical teams are working well with each other making sure each has enough space to do what they want and need for their part of the robot to function while still working collaboratively together.

PS- One word… weight.