Shawn, in all his glory at the Boston Regional this year.

Guest post by Shawn Prashaw, AKA Captain Awesome. 

A Mid-Summer Recap (Late Summer perhaps?)

This summer has been super busy and I think we need a recap… so here goes!

We took part in an event at Davis Farmland and created a relationship with them that we can hopefully expand upon in the future. We learned a lot about how we can do it bigger and better next time but we received a great compliment in that we did better than most first timers they have in! We should bask in that glory but not rest upon it; we won’t be first timers next time!

(Keep in mind that they like to have these things planned way in advance so we should think about having a good plan by the end of October to give them some time to look at it and make sure it’s a good fit.)

We’ve also been having some summer meetings and the turnout has been great for our first go at that. It’s the summer and you guys go on vacation and the beach and pretty much just want to relax but you’ve also been using some of your time and energy thinking about the team and we thank you for that. The meetings have been very productive and exciting to be sure, with everyone sharing great ideas for us all to consider for the coming year. In addition to that, we’ve also been having great ideas coming in via email and being put together and re sent out to get everyone thinking… and boy have you guys been thinking! From fundraising to community outreach and from recruiting to organization you guys have been coming up with great stuff… so keep it up, we’re counting on you!

So, keep an eye on Facebook and on your emails for what’s coming up next… and keep your ideas coming about where you think we should be going next! It’s your team, it’s our team, and we can continue growing the team with everyone’s ideas and talents.

Here’s to looking forward to a great year!