Fall Update

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Hi my name is Tyler Chaulk. I am a senior on team 157 and this will be my fourth year with the team. In my experiences I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of our FIRST team. From spinning robots (too soon?) to semifinals to even building robots at 12am to meet deadlines, I have (almost) seen it all. However, even with all the 19 years of experience we have much to catch up on! We are currently taking the baby steps to make our program stand out and become the superpower we can be.

Led by three amazing class of 1999 graduates, we are starting to reach out to not just the community but other FIRST teams as well. Since the beginning of the year we have attempted to outdo ourselves to show off our program even more than ever before.

It all began on August 28, at the freshman activities fair. This is a day when the class of 2016 goes around to every room to see all the different extracurricular activities Assabet has to offer. Armed with a small room, 5 minutes, a small group of kids, flyers for the mixer we planned, and a mind full of things to say, we did our best to advertise our program with the time given. We tried our hardest to turn some heads towards our program to get the incoming freshman interested in robotics. We made sure of it when the freshmen saw us in the auditorium with our robot armed and ready for them to play around with. We let the kids operate our shooter and get a hands on experience of what it was like to operate a robot as well as get a Rebound Rumble t-shirt. Surprisingly enough, the next day people were wearing the robotics shirts which was awesome! Overall it was a fun experience for everybody and it will be something we plan on doing for many years to come.



Applefest 9.15.12

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This weekend was Applefest – a local fall festival that our school always participates in. This year we asked if we could join them and they were happy to have us! We even got to hang out with Team 1100 – The T-Hawks. It was fun to see them and see their setup. They actually had a fun remote control car (think old big wheels) that they drove around the festival. Oh and we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Even thought we didn’t have our robot running (no power, and not in a great location – had we tried, we would have ruined the wheels to the point that we could no longer run it in our gym or cafeteria), the kids did a great job in explaining how our robot worked and we got some nice foot traffic. We have 3 more festivals coming up this fall and we’re excited!

Here’s our day in photos!

All set up, first thing in the morning.










Zak explaining how the robot works.












We even had plenty of adults interested in our robot!











Practicing Gracious Professionalism with the T-Hawks











The T-Hawks talking to Tyler and Zak about our robot.












Shawn and Tyler chatting.










Tyler helping kids pull the ball up through the rollers.












Tyler explaining to the kids.











It was a great day – all our photos are on our Facebook page!

Labor Day Parade 9.3.12

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We were fortunate to be invited to participate in the Labor Day Parade in Marlboro today by Raytheon, one of our major sponsors. They are celebrating their 90th anniversary this year, and asked us if we’d like to join them – and while it was last minute, the answer was a resounding YES! We had a fantastic turnout and a lot of fun – not to mention fabulous weather.  We’re already talking about the thought of possibly doing a float next year so we can have the robot in the parade with us too!

Check out the photos!

Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the start










Ava & Melanie












Kerrie and Kiana showing off the new banner








Chatting with Jim McGrath from Raytheon










The girls posing with one of the clowns










All wrapped up in Robotics












With the Humvee









Walking in the parade










More parading










Vigs, Kerrie and Tyler carrying our awesome banner!











Thanks for having us, Raytheon!

Freshmen Activities Day 8.28.12

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Last Tuesday was the first day of orientation for incoming freshman at Assabet, and we were on hand to help out! For the morning, our students had a room where the freshmen circulated in and out of and we gave about a 5 minute presentation about our team and handed out fliers for the upcoming mixer on the 18th. Later that afternoon we got to do a full demonstration in the auditorium, and even had some of the freshmen come up and take a turn shooting the robot, which earned them t-shirts! Lo and behold, some of them wore the t-shirts to school the next day! Hope this bodes well for recruiting – I guess we’ll see!

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. 🙂

Dan, Amy, Melanie & Ava










Presenting to a group of freshmen










Watching the short film about our team









Setting up for the demo in the auditorium.










Shawn rocking the cape.












Photos from the following day – wearing our shirts!
































We’re hoping to see many of these freshmen at our mixer on September 18 and hoping they’ll join us for the 2012-2013 build season!

A Mid-Summer Update!

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Shawn, in all his glory at the Boston Regional this year.

Guest post by Shawn Prashaw, AKA Captain Awesome. 

A Mid-Summer Recap (Late Summer perhaps?)

This summer has been super busy and I think we need a recap… so here goes!

We took part in an event at Davis Farmland and created a relationship with them that we can hopefully expand upon in the future. We learned a lot about how we can do it bigger and better next time but we received a great compliment in that we did better than most first timers they have in! We should bask in that glory but not rest upon it; we won’t be first timers next time!

(Keep in mind that they like to have these things planned way in advance so we should think about having a good plan by the end of October to give them some time to look at it and make sure it’s a good fit.)

We’ve also been having some summer meetings and the turnout has been great for our first go at that. It’s the summer and you guys go on vacation and the beach and pretty much just want to relax but you’ve also been using some of your time and energy thinking about the team and we thank you for that. The meetings have been very productive and exciting to be sure, with everyone sharing great ideas for us all to consider for the coming year. In addition to that, we’ve also been having great ideas coming in via email and being put together and re sent out to get everyone thinking… and boy have you guys been thinking! From fundraising to community outreach and from recruiting to organization you guys have been coming up with great stuff… so keep it up, we’re counting on you!

So, keep an eye on Facebook and on your emails for what’s coming up next… and keep your ideas coming about where you think we should be going next! It’s your team, it’s our team, and we can continue growing the team with everyone’s ideas and talents.

Here’s to looking forward to a great year!

PreSeason Meeting 2 – August 6, 2012

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This past Monday’s meeting was mostly attended by mentors and a few students, and despite the smaller turnout, we still had a great discussion. Many of the topics were things that we want the students to know before the build season starts in January and we discussed at length how we are going to handle the Freshmen Activities Fair on August 28.


* Tools & Safety – all of the safety things will be out of the way and finished before the build season starts. We also discussed doing some tutorials on how to use the tools.

* Organization – How the room/crib will be organized. The topic came up for each design team to have their own cart with parts that will be put away at the end of the night. The separate carts will be supplied by the crib.

* Expectations/Manners – there will be a code of conduct written and distributed before the build season. 

* Pit Design 

* Fundraising

Freshman Day – August 28, 9:30-1:30

We’re going to get about 5-7 minutes per group and will want to limit to 45 seconds per presentation. Introduction, recent alumni, short media presentation, current students, questions. There will be another meeting on this as the time gets closer, so keep an eye out for an email.


There was also discussion about possibly hosting a dance on October 26. Discussion on this is still ongoing.

The meeting schedule for the preseason, while still TBD, is going to most likely be 2 Tuesdays and 2 Saturdays a month. Keep an eye out for further details. There will also be another mentor meeting around Labor Day.

If you haven’t liked the AZTECHS 157 Facebook page, please do so! Lots of information will be posted there! Also, if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see covered during Preseason meetings, please email us at mr.aztech157@gmail.com.

First Pre-Season Meeting!

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We held our first pre-season meeting at the school Monday night and despite the heat, we had a good turnout and got a number of things accomplished. The kids are super excited about what’s to come this year, and threw some good ideas out as to different fundraising ideas, recruiting and media.

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Talent Show
  • Dances/Other events
  • ‘Restaurant’ profit sharing night
  • Pie a Teacher
  • This year’s Calendar is to be sold in January for Prizes in February


  • Freshmen Activities Fair – August 28
  • Cafeteria Table


  • Northboro Recreation Department Lego Camp
  • Whitcomb School – Dan’s Mom


  • Facebook/Twitter/Blog Updates
  • Photos/Releases

Our next meeting is going to be Monday, August 6 from 6pm-8pm, room location TBD.

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