First Annual Holiday Donation Drive to be held December 2, 2012

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We are hosting our First Annual Holiday Donation Drive on December 2, 2012 at Stop and Shop in Hudson from 9am-1pm. The drive will benefit the Hudson Community Food Pantry and Toys for Tots. We will also accept cash donations and gift cards for groceries or toys. If you’re in the area, please stop by!


Bowling Tournament & Fundraiser 10.14.12

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We had a great time at our first annual Bowling Tournament, held October 14 at the AMF Lanes in Shrewsbury. We got lots of support from our team, families, and friends, as well as Team 467 – Shrewsbury Robotics! Everyone had a blast, and we raised a fair amount of money. Thanks to everyone who came and can’t wait to see you all at the next one! Check out our photos below! All photos taken by Marcus Fletcher and Kim Berry.

Jarred showing good form













A cool panoramic view





Team 467, Shrewsbury Robotics






















Nicole Bowling in Style




















Our full group




Labor Day Parade 9.3.12

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We were fortunate to be invited to participate in the Labor Day Parade in Marlboro today by Raytheon, one of our major sponsors. They are celebrating their 90th anniversary this year, and asked us if we’d like to join them – and while it was last minute, the answer was a resounding YES! We had a fantastic turnout and a lot of fun – not to mention fabulous weather.  We’re already talking about the thought of possibly doing a float next year so we can have the robot in the parade with us too!

Check out the photos!

Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the start










Ava & Melanie












Kerrie and Kiana showing off the new banner








Chatting with Jim McGrath from Raytheon










The girls posing with one of the clowns










All wrapped up in Robotics












With the Humvee









Walking in the parade










More parading










Vigs, Kerrie and Tyler carrying our awesome banner!











Thanks for having us, Raytheon!

Freshmen Activities Day 8.28.12

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Last Tuesday was the first day of orientation for incoming freshman at Assabet, and we were on hand to help out! For the morning, our students had a room where the freshmen circulated in and out of and we gave about a 5 minute presentation about our team and handed out fliers for the upcoming mixer on the 18th. Later that afternoon we got to do a full demonstration in the auditorium, and even had some of the freshmen come up and take a turn shooting the robot, which earned them t-shirts! Lo and behold, some of them wore the t-shirts to school the next day! Hope this bodes well for recruiting – I guess we’ll see!

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. 🙂

Dan, Amy, Melanie & Ava










Presenting to a group of freshmen










Watching the short film about our team









Setting up for the demo in the auditorium.










Shawn rocking the cape.












Photos from the following day – wearing our shirts!
































We’re hoping to see many of these freshmen at our mixer on September 18 and hoping they’ll join us for the 2012-2013 build season!

A Mid-Summer Update!

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Shawn, in all his glory at the Boston Regional this year.

Guest post by Shawn Prashaw, AKA Captain Awesome. 

A Mid-Summer Recap (Late Summer perhaps?)

This summer has been super busy and I think we need a recap… so here goes!

We took part in an event at Davis Farmland and created a relationship with them that we can hopefully expand upon in the future. We learned a lot about how we can do it bigger and better next time but we received a great compliment in that we did better than most first timers they have in! We should bask in that glory but not rest upon it; we won’t be first timers next time!

(Keep in mind that they like to have these things planned way in advance so we should think about having a good plan by the end of October to give them some time to look at it and make sure it’s a good fit.)

We’ve also been having some summer meetings and the turnout has been great for our first go at that. It’s the summer and you guys go on vacation and the beach and pretty much just want to relax but you’ve also been using some of your time and energy thinking about the team and we thank you for that. The meetings have been very productive and exciting to be sure, with everyone sharing great ideas for us all to consider for the coming year. In addition to that, we’ve also been having great ideas coming in via email and being put together and re sent out to get everyone thinking… and boy have you guys been thinking! From fundraising to community outreach and from recruiting to organization you guys have been coming up with great stuff… so keep it up, we’re counting on you!

So, keep an eye on Facebook and on your emails for what’s coming up next… and keep your ideas coming about where you think we should be going next! It’s your team, it’s our team, and we can continue growing the team with everyone’s ideas and talents.

Here’s to looking forward to a great year!

Boston Regional March 22-23, 2012

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So, I’m a bit behind here with catching up from the season! Sorry about that! We had an impressive showing at the Boston Regional in March and we seeded into the final rounds! Unfortunately, we got knocked out before the final match (and only lost by 1 point because 3 robots got onto the bridge!) but the kids were so proud of what they’d accomplished and we the mentors were so proud of them. I have to tell you, this is my first year as a FIRST Mentor and its so gratifying to see how excited the kids get when they do something well.

Anyway, onto the photos!


In the stands – Nicole, Kerrie, Chris, Carmen and Zak


Josh showing off the Aztech gear with Guille looking on.


Carmen, our scouting mistress, hard at work.


Robot in action on the field!


In the pit


Josh and Logan waiting to drive.


Cheering on the team during a match!


Nicole with the Robot Head wandering the halls.


Josh in the lobby.


Eric the MC rocking a SWEET jacket for awards. That all came in the form of poems.

All of my photos from the event are here!

A First Year Perspective, Part 1

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By Carmen Wise, Class of 2015

Being a freshman in FIRST Robotics at first is terrifying. For someone who had never been involved with robotics before, it was a completely new experience. If it wasn’t for the few friends I had involved that were sophomores, I probably never would have joined to begin with.

I remember the first week I was really scared. I’m not in a shop where you use your hands a lot. I’m not in Precision Machining, or Metal Fabrication, or Carpentry. I’m in Business Technology. I was entering a world full of nothing I knew with what I thought as skills that were not going to help me at all. Typing fast doesn’t build a robot.

Not to mention, I knew maybe four people, total in FIRST. In our team of 32 people, that’s not a lot. Besides, I couldn’t latch onto my friends all the time. My first week was very awkward, very scary, and very unproductive on my part.

It got better though. Once we got into teams, I found the one team seemed to suit me. Web site building. I enjoy HTML and set to work in that. The mentors were helpful, I got a lot done, and even now seeing the Web site launch was incredibly rewarding.

On the way to the launching of the website and in those weeks, my job on the Web site team forced me to break my shell and become better friends with people at FIRST robotics. For instance, I had to create profiles for all the students and take their pictures. Hard to do if you don’t know people. And even harder to match pictures to names if you don’t know who anyone is.

After the website was done, I had to talk to even more people I didn’t know, because I wanted to do something daring. Actually work on the robot. I asked people for work, whoever I could, because I wanted to get work done and not waste time. That lead to team work with a lot of different people in a lot of areas as we struggled to get each area of the robot done.

Therefore as the weeks went on, I got to make more and more friends, with juniors, sophomores, and even those really scary seniors, some of which I’m really good friends now.

My hard work also lead me to getting on Pit Crew for Boston, which I’m very excited for. In conclusion, work hard, you’ll make friends and get rewarded.  🙂

Part 2 to come after the competitions…..

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