Build Week 1 Update

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By Carmen Wise
Class of 2015

Saturday was the big official FIRST Kick-Off for 2013! Two freshmen, a sophomore, and three seniors were taken along up to Manchester, New Hampshire. It was amazing seeing all the teams together, in big clusters of their team colors. There was even a team from Holland! Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers gave speeches as did the new Governor of New Hampshire. The room was packed and there were faces taut with concentration as the game animation rolled. Everyone filed into the field and some teams began taking measurements. By the end of the day we had thrown out some ideas within our small group. Although, feeling dismal at the idea of saucer physics, our ideas included ‘Flood the arena: Make it a water game’.

Sunday was Kick-Off for our team and we discussed scoring strategies, possibilities, probabilities, and all around components of the game. Mechanisms were off limits from being discussed. We have, through our experience, come to realize that having a good idea of what we want to do allows us to better use our design time.

Tuesday night was our first design focused meeting of build season and we were allowed to talk about mechanisms. We began discussing our various options for movement, maneuverability, and scoring. Many ideas were proposed and the mobile white-board was greatly utilized. During the meeting the mentors discussed the viabiality of the different mechanisms and how they would work together while we students discussed ideas for pins and shirts. By the end of the night we finally had our ideas mostly fleshed out and ready to be designed.

On Thursday, we really broke into groups. Some were working on climbing, others outreach, and some were even working on our “Secret Super Fun Competition Project To Be Announced Later”… keep an eye for that on our Twitter feed, facebook page, and YouTube Channels! It’s going to be a lot of fun. My group was working on awards. Solidworks was brought up, laptops brought out, and programming began as well.

Saturday, the morning started out at 9:30, with the acquiring of PVC pipe in order to build the pyramid to take measurements before we build the steel version. Groups are working well, coming up with ideas for the shooting system and beginning to build the base in Solidworks.

With week 1 complete, there’s only more to come from here! Stay tuned….


Discussing ideas


Kim and Ava leading a discussion


Guille demonstrating climbing


Ava approves


Paul, Marcus and Kevin work on some drawings


Busy Saturday!



First Pre-Season Meeting!

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We held our first pre-season meeting at the school Monday night and despite the heat, we had a good turnout and got a number of things accomplished. The kids are super excited about what’s to come this year, and threw some good ideas out as to different fundraising ideas, recruiting and media.

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Talent Show
  • Dances/Other events
  • ‘Restaurant’ profit sharing night
  • Pie a Teacher
  • This year’s Calendar is to be sold in January for Prizes in February


  • Freshmen Activities Fair – August 28
  • Cafeteria Table


  • Northboro Recreation Department Lego Camp
  • Whitcomb School – Dan’s Mom


  • Facebook/Twitter/Blog Updates
  • Photos/Releases

Our next meeting is going to be Monday, August 6 from 6pm-8pm, room location TBD.

Congratulations Seniors!

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Congratulations and good luck to our 2012 graduating seniors! You’ve made a huge impact and left some big shoes to fill – we’ll miss you and hope to see you back as mentors. 


Chris, Matt, Felicia, Dylan, Amy, Dan, Logan, Josh & Guille. Missing from photo: Michael